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  1. Francis Briley says:

    Looks very good thank you

  2. Sam Anderson Rowell says:

    A very impressive range of products in great colours, we cant wait to try them out

  3. Sarah Finch says:

    These are the best collars around in my opinion! They are so durable! My dogs go through everything – gorse bushes and thick bramble, sticking marsh mud, etc. The printing on the collars still looks brand new, and the collars are so easy to run under the tap and then they’re sparkling clean again! The bright colours make it easier to spot the dogs when they’re in cover, or if the dog is covered in mud, and the large, clear printing gives me peace of mind that my phone number is easily visible should it be needed.

  4. Sarah Finch says:

    I love the slip leads for the same reasons I love the collars – they’re so bright and they’re so easy to clean! I first bought one after losing my dark coloured slip lead in the middle of a shooting day. It’d fallen out of my pocket and despite retracing my steps I couldn’t find it. Now if I do drop my lead, I can find it again instantly! And if I drop it in mud then it’s easy to wipe down and clean! Before, when I worked my dog on the marsh I would waste time afterwards washing and drying my rope slip leads, whereas with the biothane I can just hose it down when I was my dog and it’s ready to go again!

  5. Chris Rollason says:

    The Trollsmoor products that I have had used thus far have been notable for the function and durability as well as individual style.

  6. Sarah Finch says:

    I am very happy with my new lead! It is very strong, very flexible, and so easy to clean! It is so bright as well! Last week I dropped it while working my dog on a big field of partridge, however the high visibility colour meant that I found it again quickly and easily!

  7. Sarah Finch says:

    Possibly the best dog accessory I own! Combined with additional ‘trial leads’ it makes walking multiple dogs a doddle! Perfect for anything from standard dog walks to tracks down to the marsh when your hands are full and you’re carrying a lot of equipment.

  8. Libby Mellor says:

    Fab lead. Makes working two dogs so much easier. I can have one on the lead, work the other and still have both hands free. Very useful bit of kit.

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