Digger & Dozer

Digger and Dozer are both Bracco Italiano, the breed is part of the HPR group of gundogs in the UK, renowned for their characteristic trot when hunting.

Digger’s owner Michelle describes him as “independent, aloof and stubborn, yet everyone loves him! He is a firm favourite wherever he goes, never more at home than on the grouse moors, full of drive, pace and style”

Digger (Madreliath Escavatore) and Michelle enjoy grouse counting, as well as beating and picking up on driven and walked up shoots, and have several (14!) HPR Working Test awards, including 4 wins in Open HPR Working Tests, and have recently started HPR Field Trialling.

Dozer (Vittum Nebbiolo) is an Italian import with a number of working and show champions in his pedigree. He thinks life is for living and has a tail that never stops wagging and he loves nothing more than cuddles. He switches up 10 gears as soon as there is any game about, and Michelle says they are working on his steadiness to match his eagerness!


Michelle has been a Trollsmoor customer from the start, helping us to develop the Jaeger lead as seen in the pictures, with an added slip lead option for when she walks both dogs. She is also assisting in developing a new, improved harness for use in the field.

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